The Archway Surgery

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Who should I see?

We try to keep our GP appointments for patients with more serious health problems.

Before you book an appointment to see a doctor please consider whether an appointment with a practice nurse might be appropriate. They can help you with a wide range of medical problems.

Our receptionists can help you decide which is the right person for you to see.

Self care

If you have a cough, cold, headache or other minor ailment try treating yourself at home first. Find out more about treatments for common minor ailments.

Please remember that self-care for common conditions can help free up our GPs’ time, making it easier to get an appointment when you have a more serious condition.

Your pharmacist can help too

Pharmacists are highly trained health professionals and can give you confidential health advice for a range of common illnesses and complaints.

Don’t wait for a GP appointment for coughs, colds, aches and pains. Just give your local pharmacy a call or drop in – there’s no need to make an appointment.

Your pharmacists can also help you decide if you need to see a doctor or nurse.

Click here for more information about how pharmacies can help you.

Weekend and night cover

Emergency cover is provided by Southern Area Urgent Care Services (SAUCS). They can be contacted by telephoning 028 3839 9201. You will be answered by a Receptionist who will take your details ie name, address, telephone number etc.

A Doctor from the centre will then telephone you back and will advise you about your medical condition. Often advice will be all that is required but occasionally the doctor may want to examine you, so you will be asked to attend the Centre. Sometimes the Doctor will visit you in your home but these occasions will be rare as most medical conditions will be treated at the Out of Hours Centre.

  • Weeknights 6.00 pm – 8.30 am
  • Saturday ALL DAY
  • Sunday & Bank Holidays ALL DAY

Please remember this service is strictly for medical emergencies and if your condition is not serious then please make your request during normal surgery hours.

This emergency service should not be used for non-urgent matters.


A&E is for life-threatening accidents and emergencies only. Before you go there, ask yourself, “Is it a real emergency?”

If not, please consider using other local health services before you visit A&E.